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What types of children can benefit from physical therapy or a wellness/developmental therapy?

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In a short answer, ALL of them! Yes, you read that right, all kids can benefit from having customized therapy that targets their challenge areas. Whether your child has severe physical needs that require skilled physical therapy, or your child has difficulty keeping up with peers that requires a tailored wellness and development program, each child can benefit from these services. Every child is an individual, and that needs to be accounted for when assessing wellness and development. There is a range of 'typical' ages for certain milestones, but this is only a guideline for parents to know if their child is progressing. To gauge how a child is developing, the whole person has to be evaluated. This includes (but is NOT limited to) the ages of developmental milestone acquisition. Along with that, extensive history review, expert observations, and testing related to functional skills, balance, strength, and range of motion, etc. are essential. Some questions that develoPT can help answer include:

-Is my child's head shape okay?

-Why does my baby tilt their head to one side?

-Why does my baby have a flat spot on their head?

-Is my baby/child performing on par with peers?

-How do I get my baby to do tummy time?

-Why is tummy time important?

-Why is crawling important?

-How do I encourage movement activities with my child?

-What types of baby gear do I need? (HINT: a floor and a safe, flat, EMPTY sleeping area)

-What is safe sleeping?

-How do I know when my baby can use an exersaucer, jumper, etc.?

-Are seats (like the Bumbo) good for my baby to work on sitting?

-My baby/child has just received a medical diagnosis...what now?

-My child needs therapy to improve their level of functioning, but where do I start?

-My child seems to be clumsy and there something wrong?

-How do I work on motor milestones with my baby?

-What are fun activities that my family can enjoy together that will address my child's challenges?

-How do I know what is 'normal' and what is concerning?

-Is there a support system out there for my child and my family?

-WHERE IS THE MANUAL FOR THIS KID?? (haha, we have all wondered that at times...)

If you have wondered any of these things, or anything else remotely related to baby/child in general, develoPT can most likely help, or turn you in the right direction to get answers. PLEASE get in touch with me if you are struggling, or even if you are mastering this parent thing! Everyone needs a village, and sometimes that village can come from unexpected places (ex. a caring physical and wellness therapist!) :)


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