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Scared to Try Telehealth?? Don't Be!

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Mamas and daddies, grandparents, caregivers...are you afraid of trying a new way to get healthcare services? While the unknown can be scary, telehealth really isn't something to be scared of. Telehealth is an incredible resource we have access to, especially in these times of social distancing and isolation.

Have you ever tried FaceTime, Skype, Duo, Zoom, etc.? If so (which most people have), you have the ability to receive healthcare services through telehealth! I bet you didn't know it was that simple, huh??!

So...what exactly is telehealth?

Telehealth is just the method used to deliver health information and services. using electronic information and technologies to provide health services.

What does a telehealth session look like?

-Search for a provider that fits your needs that offers telehealth/virtual services

-Select a time that suits your needs and schedule with the therapist/doctor of your choice

-Fill out intake forms electronically

-Show up online to included link for telehealth session at the previously scheduled time

-Session is conducted through live video connection on your computer, tablet, or phone

-Relax and let the provider walk you through the rest!

Is it safe?

Yes! As long as your provider uses a HIPAA-compliant and secure platform, telehealth is extremely safe with your personal health information. Emails and other communications are sent over an encrypted platform to ensure privacy and security.'re a pediatric physical therapist. Does that just mean you treat kids who have sprained ankles and stuff?

Um, nope! As a pediatric physical therapist, I typically treat kiddos from 0-18. Kiddos need pediatric PT for a number of things: developmental delay, brain disorders, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal problems, genetic conditions, and many others.

We are movement and development experts, and I have completed a rigorous training to receive my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. This training enables us to analyze children's movements and skills in order to determine how we can help them. We work on improving range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, and functional skills (like standing up from the floor, walking in grass, and climbing stairs). We make kiddos' lives better and their daily activities easier!

What kind of things do you see?

Common conditions we address (plus others):

-Developmental delays

-Motor control/learning disorders

-Strength deficits

-Range of motion limitations


-Endurance deficiencies

-Balance and coordination concerns

-Posture concerns

-Head shape awareness

-Gait deviations

-Functional skills training

-Sports-related injuries

My child doesn't have any medical diagnoses or they must not need your services, right?

NO! Pediatric physical therapists are experts in development and wellness as well. I love to help educate, raise awareness, and prevent issues from occurring. I work with families and children to create customized plans for development and wellness in order to maximize their child's potential! In basic terms, developmental & wellness therapy are preventative AND optimizing health services.

Sometimes, we may discover an underlying condition that may have been missed by a pediatrician or other providers. Many times, health providers are unable to devote time and effort into listening to parents' concerns and questions. That lack of listening to parent/caregiver information is often a missing piece that allows children with treatable challenges to slip through the cracks.

What do you mean, 'developmental and wellness therapies'?

These types of therapy support can answer questions such as:

-"Is my child growing, developing, and learning new movement skills in an age-appropriate manner?"

-"How do I embrace my child's full potential?"

-"Is my child demonstrating/not demonstrating something that causes concern or worry?"

-"What types of activities can I provide for my child that promote development?"

Wellness & developmental consultations are the answer to these and many more anxiety-filled questions we experience as parents.

DeveloPT's mission is to listen, and then collaborate to support parents through all stages of parenthood.

DeveloPT provides a convenient, always accessible expert source of knowledge that can provide priceless peace of mind. These preventative services promote optimal health and growth of your child, along with physical well-being and disease prevention.

Once you try telehealth, you will find that there is no reason for it to be a BIG, SCARY thing. In fact, you may just become a telehealth groupie!


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