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New Adventures

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So I never thought I would be the kind of person who writes a blog, let alone one that starts her own business! This is me going out on a limb...very far out. I love being a pediatric physical therapist, but I have not yet found my 'dream position'. I want to keep working with the kiddos that I adore, but I also want to have this precious time with my own family and two young sons. When I first learned about telehealth, it intrigued me. I really had no idea what it is, much less how to go about setting a telehealth business up. But, as my life got busier (and fuller!), I found myself searching for ways to balance my career goals with my personal goals. I researched what telehealth is, the benefits of virtual healthcare services, and the basic steps to begin. Thus, my adventure had begun! I started a website, bought a domain, signed up for a virtual healthcare platform, and registered my PLLC, develoPT Pediatrics. The reasons I want to delve into this innovative method of providing healthcare services are many and varied. For me, telehealth combines my passions of helping others, educating families, and being creative with technology and web design. It seems like the perfect fit, as I can still be a pediatric physical therapist and impact others without sacrificing my home and personal life. I pray that along this journey, not only will I be able to help others in embracing their full potential, but that my life be enlightened by each individual as well. So, here is to embarking on new adventures that take you out of your comfort zone!


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