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Let Me Help.

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So, just like everyone else, I am in the midst of a new and confusing time. You are probably feeling scared, skeptical, and not really yourself. If you're doing this quarantine thing correctly, you may also be feeling isolated, lonely, and worried.

I understand. Those feelings are completely valid. These are tough and stressful times.

That being said, I also feel like I do have an advantage.

I have faith in God, who is a loving Father that has a plan for each and every one of us.

Does that mean that I don't have doubts, worries, and feel anxious? No. For sure not. I struggle with self-doubt and anxiety every day. Especially in new situations and right now when I am reminded that I am NOT IN CONTROL. The very idea that I am not the one in control both causes me anxiety and peace. The difference is, and I feel like it is an advantage, is the fact that I know God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Ultimately, God is using me for something that is much greater than myself. God has never promised us that if we believe in Him, things will be easy-peasy and butterflies and rainbows. I believe that God is using this situation to demonstrate our need for Him and salvation through HIM and HIM ALONE. This social distancing is giving most of us an opportunity to spend more time with our family and have real discussions. That doesn't mean that the events that are happening affect you less if you're a Christian. It just allows us to shine a light to people that may be feeling in the dark with despair and feeling like they have no options.

So please, if you are feeling anxious, depressed, or just need someone to connect with, PLEASE reach out to me.

If you're a healthcare provider,

I can help you.

If you're a mama,

I can help you.

If you're a daddy,

I can help you.

If you're a family member,

I can help you.

If you're a business person,

I can help you.

If you're a person that has different abilities,

I can help you.

If you're a baby,

I can help you.

If you're a toddler,

I can help you.

If you're a adolescent,

I can help you.

If you're an adult,

I can help you.

If you're an older person stuck at home,

I can help you.

Basically, if you're a person,

I can help you.

So PLEASE let me help you. I can't help you if I don't know what you need or want. I want to show God's mercy and love by being the salt and light of the world, especially right now.


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