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Finding Courage. Living the Life God Intended.

I feel like a failure.

I am not good enough.

Why did I think I could start my own business?

I obviously am not as good, pretty, intelligent, and successful as others that are doing what I’m doing.

I must be doing something wrong.

Everything I do is inadequate.

I just want to help people, make an impact, and create some financial freedom for my family.

I want to be the best mama, wife, daughter, sister, pediatric physical therapist, and entrepreneur there is, but I feel like I am struggling to do it all.

I want to be able to enjoy and be proud of what I’m doing in life and as a CAREER.

I want to get out from poor management and crummy facades of people that are not genuine and kind at the core.

I want to be able to share the love and skills God has blessed me with.

I know God has blessed me with EVERYTHING. So why do I keep doubting myself and Him?

What is God's plan for me?

How am I to best serve the Lord with my life and skills?

I want to stop feeling guilty and anxious about promoting my services.

I want to feel like what I’m doing is seen and is important.

I want to change global health by creating quality healthcare education and access, primarily through telehealth.

Why is it so hard to get people to accept telehealth physical therapy?

Why does the physical therapy profession not get the respect, compensation, and awareness that we deserve (after all, we have gone through A LOT to get our doctorates)?

Why does physical therapy have to mean ‘hands on’ to people, even those who are in our profession?

How come we as a society are more than willing to pay $7/drink for coffee, buy super expensive luxury gym memberships for ourselves, and spend outrageous money on hair care/beauty services, but think that seeking services for our children’s development is too expensive?

Why do we take a ‘wait and see’ approach to our children’s development and wellness when we have solid evidence that early intervention is KEY?

Telehealth and global initiatives could be the answer in solving some of the world’s healthcare challenges. It is an inexpensive platform in which entire communities can be uplifted with access to quality healthcare specialists and education programs.

Many lives could be changed by telehealth. It would require large corporations, businesses, and foundations to help fund the cause for Internet connections in villages, rural areas, etc. and to provide computer access with a camera. The funding needed would be like a drop in the bucket for many businesses and foundations. Why can’t we see the importance in providing prevention and awareness to people, as well as reactionary medicine? Give the people knowledge, and let THEM be the answer to ending the vicious cycle of poverty, avoidable infant mortality, and lifelong disabilities!

I will continue to fight the negative thoughts in my head, and with God’s grace and mercy, be able to make an impact that literally can make the difference between life and death.

Let me know what you think! If this resonates with you, reach out so we can chat!


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