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Being a Parent PART TWO.

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So this sequel is very late…because guess what?! I’m a wife and mama as well as an entrepreneur :) The last post described how difficult parenting is, and all of the things we have to do/be. Even though it’s tough, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

SPOILER ALERT** I also let you in on the secret manual to parenting...check it out!

Part Two is going to describe what baby development classes are, and how they can help. I know, I know, you are a super parent and have perfect children that do everything you say and that are basically raising themselves. But for the other parents like me out there, I'm going to give you a little tip. Baby classes DO help, and they ARE NOT for bad moms and dads. In today’s world, we as parents are so blessed to have these classes widely available…especially online at our convenience!

What exactly is a baby development class?

Well, in a nutshell, it teaches you everything you need to know about how to make your baby as healthy as possible, and to maximize their potential. The develoPT Baby Guide to Physical Development Course goes over early development, milestones, red flags, and common conditions in early childhood. I also give tips on prevention and treatments.

If you ever feel isolated, frustrated, or worried throughout your parenting journey, then this is for you! Feelings like this are so common (because, hey, we’re human!), but we can all benefit from a safe place to share and learn. The develoPT Baby is that place; registering means that you’re being the best parent possible and wanting to give your baby the best life possible!

So here are a few benefits of The develoPT Baby Guide:

1) Master the whole being-a-parent journey

2) Teach you the basics of child development and your child’s developmental stages

-->What you can stop stressing about, or what you do need to address

-->Get an expert’s opinion on your baby

3) Learn how to tackle situations and stress before they show up

4) Find out what to expect in the future—and how to prepare for those new stages

5) Feel less overwhelmed and worried/stressed out

6) Have a better awareness of how to promote healthy development

7) Show you that you’re not alone!

8) Level up the parenting skills you already have!!

The purpose of The develoPT Baby Guide and community is to help fellow parents feel more connected, confident, and knowledgeable about their child. After all, good parenting is a learned skill, and EVERYONE can benefit from a little more knowledge and support.

-->I want to give you education and advice that can help prevent common conditions and issues in the future.

-->I want to offer an opportunity for parents to share ideas and concerns with other parents dealing with similar issues.

-->I want to be a resource for parents that will give accurate and correct guidance based upon evidence and expert knowledge. After all, parenting is a learned skill, and every family can benefit from a little more knowledge and support.

Deciding to enroll in a baby class is a personal decision, but it’s one that many parents realize they need. Consider this: The first three years of a child’s life are VITAL because of how quickly his/her brain is developing, and the way a child is cared for during those early years has a major impact on how he/she develops. So rather than miss that window of extreme potential, wouldn’t you prefer to offer yourself and your child the best opportunity in life by taking a class?

Are you interested in taking a baby class but can’t find the time to go to one in person??

The develoPT Baby Guide is perfect for all of us busy moms and dads. You can take it from home and on your own schedule. This online class lets you benefit from professional expertise in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.

Need answers to a specific question or want customized and individual guidance??

If so, schedule a call with me! Ask me whatever you’d like (developmentally-related), and I will answer your questions and concerns. If it is outside my wheelhouse, then I will personally find an expert to solve your question :)

Baby classes are an amazing way to acquire new skills, learn more about your child, improve your relationships, and increase your confidence. The develoPT Baby Guide is for EVERY parent, new or experienced. Hope to meet you and your little one soon!!


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