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An all-in-one solution for a telehealth biz?? YES, PLEASE! Part 2

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This is the second post about the Moterum software. Previously I covered all the basics (go here if you missed it). Today I’m going to cover creating and editing a sample patient profile in the clinician view.

Creating a patient/user profile:

  1. Log into the Moterum app; go to the dashboard.

  2. Hit the plus button in the right lower corner.

  3. Add in personal details for your patient.

  4. You can also associate the patient with a clinician if your business has multiple practitioners.

  5. Click ‘Create’.

  6. Boom. User/patient profile created.

  7. FYI your patient needs to list an email address in order to send the invitation to use the platform.

  8. Now when I go to my user tab, my profile and my sample patient both show up.

Editing and adding patient info:

  1. Select the patient’s user profile from the user tab.

  2. Go to the schedule tab and choose appointment type

  3. Video or in-person

  4. Make sure the clinician listed is the correct clinician for that patient.

  5. Enter in a title, description, and set the date and time.

  6. You can also set a duration for the appointment if you’d like.

  7. You can opt to have this appointment repeat or just have a one-time occurrence.

  8. An email reminder prompt will come up offering whichever service you use. I’m a Gmail girl, so I choose that and add my sample patient as a guest to the reminder.

  9. From here, I can perform the video visit within the Moterum platform (super convenient!)

  10. All the patient has to do is log in to their account, agree to the terms and consent, and click the ‘start video’ button.

  11. As the clinician, when you click the ‘start appointment’ button, it takes you directly to a HIPAA-compliant Zoom meeting.

  12. This is where things get really AWESOME! If you choose to create a treatment plan, a prompt comes up asking how you would like to create the plan:

  13. Build using AI Smart

  14. Build with pre-defined templates

  15. Build your own treatment plan

This is what I’m going to dive into for the rest of this article. So basically, Moterum has developed an artificial intelligence that is able to recommend a treatment plan based upon a certain goal. I choose the back pain option, and it brings up a series of quick questions asking about onset, location of pain, possible MOIs, exacerbations, description of pain, and pain scale. At the end of the questions, it automatically generates a treatment plan consistent with what a typical clinician might prescribe. You can choose either a full, multi-day plan or a one-day treatment plan. It lists out the exercises with great visuals that are actually videos. It is fully customizable on types of exercises (adding/deleting), reps, durations, sets.

The next aspect that is AMAZING is that the video adjusts to take the patient throughout the whole exercise plan. For instance, if I wanted to assign the hamstring wall stretch, I would put in how many sets, reps, and how long I want them to hold it for. The video will then take them through the amount of reps, holds, and sets I put in. Pretty cool, huh?? No more losing track of count, and more compliance from the patient end!!

When you are happy with the way the plan looks, you can assign and schedule the plan directly to the patient, including the duration, frequency, and schedule you would like them to follow.

I also want to point out that I am partnering with this company, so I am getting a small fee for writing this, but the opinions are MINE alone. I don’t endorse or support products I wouldn’t buy or use myself.

STAY TUNED for more on ALL of the functions this platform performs!


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