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An all-in-one solution for a telehealth biz?? YES, PLEASE! #3

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This is the third post about the Moterum platform. Previously I covered all the basics (go here if you missed it), and adding a patient (here). Today I’m going to cover the repository.

Exercises, stretches, pretty much everything you can think of...

  1. Everything is accessed in the repository tab.

  2. You can either scroll through all of the exercises if you’re just browsing, or you can use the filter feature to locate a specific exercise.

  3. Filters: you have about 1,723 options for searching (I’m only slightly exaggerating). These are the main breakdowns:

-Body part






-Published by


Once you choose a main breakdown, there are multiple options within that area as well:

-Body part

Every body part that you can think of…



Meditation & Pranayama

Occupational Therapy



Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy







Educational content

General instruction

Motivational content

Session closure

Session intro

Tools & tips

Promotional & marketing


Pretty much all of the common conditions you might encounter


Anything that you might use in a treatment plan, you can sort by it, including common household items


Prone, supine, sitting, standing, etc.

-Published by

Lets you sort by the preloaded repository, ones added by you, ones added by your organization/clinic, and public ones


Warm-up to cool-down and everything in-between; also includes some goals like coordination, flexibility, activities of daily living, etc.

Whew. That was a lot. Needless to say, if you’re ever at a loss for new ideas for exercises, stretches, motivation, education, etc., this platform will solve your problem. The advanced filters allow you to easily navigate this large database and save yourself LOTS of time. If, for some reason, the item you would like is not listed, you are able to add/upload whatever content you would like. I will have to say that the pediatric section is a bit limited, as many of the databases out there are. I am hoping that they will continue to build this specialty out :) All of the repository items are fully customizable (reps, durations, sets, notes, etc). I love the wide variety of items available in the preloaded database! I feel like this will be a great way to provide a standard of care within an organization as well.

I also want to point out that I am partnering with this company, so I am getting a small fee for writing this, but the opinions are MINE alone. I don’t endorse or support products I wouldn’t buy or use myself.

STAY TUNED for more on ALL of the functions this platform performs!


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