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An all-in-one solution for a telehealth biz?? YES, PLEASE!

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If you are a healthcare provider that has made the switch from in-person to online visits, then this post is for you. With so many of us healthcare providers working remotely, it is especially important to have a software that works FOR you and helps streamline things, rather than complicate your life. This is exactly what I’ve been struggling with lately, and I am SO excited to share a new company/software that I have found!

Some of the problems my co-pioneers of telehealth have reported include everything from scheduling difficulties to getting patient engagement, and everything in-between.

Here are a few questions for you:

-Are you frustrated with having 1,538 different softwares, platforms, and apps to deal with?

-Do you want a nice, user-friendly, all-in-one software that conveniently has a mobile app as well?

-Are you looking for a way to track your patients’ progress without constantly being on a video call?

Yes?! I agree with all of the above. Another aspect I absolutely require is abiding by legal and ethical guidelines. Yes, we all know that currently, HIPAA violation rules are being relaxed, but as a healthcare provider, this shouldn’t matter! We should WANT to provide best practices in ALL circumstances for our patients, just just a quick fix. And I’m pretty sure that this mentality of ‘go out and use whatever you want for video visits’ is going to end fairly quickly.

With the huge rush to the virtual realm of providing services, there has been an immense array of companies that have put their EHR, scheduling, home exercise program, etc. software out there. So there is an abundance to choose from…but they are NOT all created equal.

Because I believe this software is one of the most well-rounded in the industry, I am excited to talk about some of its features so that you can become MORE EFFICIENT in your business. Currently, this software is a young product with a lot of potential and is new in the marketplace. I’m going to give you a sneak peek so you can have hope for what’s ahead! I also want to point out that I am partnering with this company, so I am getting a small fee for writing this, but the opinions are MINE alone. I don’t endorse or support products I wouldn’t buy myself.


  • Company: Moterum Technologies

  • Software: Moterum Digital Therapeutic Platform

  • What it is: A next-gen telehealth platform that serves as a virtual rehabilitation clinic

  • My real-life experience:

So as I go to the Moterum app page to login (you can either access it by the web or mobile), I’m greeted by the basic create-an-account prompt. I do this easily, and proceed to the next step. In addition to my clinician profile, I make myself a user profile, once logged in…this is easy-peasy! This brings me to a dashboard with a user tab, schedule tab, repository tab, and a settings tab.

Clinician View:

  • User

  • Shows you a list of all your entered users/patients

  • Allows you to click on a desired patient (under your care) to see all aspects of that person’s plan of treatment, including their appointment schedule, usage, outcomes, weekly session time, and weekly activities

  • Provides a way to track your patients’ compliance and feedback

  • Schedule

  • Displays all your daily activities/appointments

  • Repository

  • Presents a searchable database of pre-loaded activities

  • Allows you to upload your own activities if preferred under My Activities

  • Settings

  • Controls all clinicians, your personal profile, your organization/business, notifications, and other help topics

Patient/User View:

  • Home

  • As expected, this is your hub, starting place, whatever you want to call it

  • Lists any scheduled activities and links to relevant help topics

  • Schedule

  • Displays the scheduled activities for the personal treatment plan

  • Includes appointments, assessments, and treatment visits

  • Usage

  • Shows completed activities

  • Outcomes

  • Displays progress throughout the plan of care

  • Account

  • Brings up a new menu with options for help, profile, and notifications

So, those are the basics, which every software has (blah, blah, blah). This is just to build the suspense! (Drum roll, please!)

In my next post, I’m going to introduce the AMAZINGNESS of this software. There will be a mini-series of posts covering ALL of the functions this platform performs, so STAY TUNED for the good stuff! It will be worth your time, and your future self, employees, and patients will thank you.

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