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3 Easy Boredom Busters

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So I know I have been a bit MIA lately, but you know, life happens! We have some big changes in the Christensen household, but more on that later. Is anyone else feeling the stress of juggling what seems to be 15 million balls at one time? I bet there are at least some of you in the same boat as I am, and let me just say, I am exhausted. I am going to give you permission to give yourself a little grace in these times. Take a seat and a few deep breaths. We’ve got this (with a LOT of Jesus)!

Because of the insane amount of time corralled at home, my boys (and I) are going a bit stir-crazy...anyone else? I figured that right now, some of you might benefit from a few ‘boredom busters’ that I like to do with my boys. They aren't going to win any prizes for being new or intricate, but they are quick and easy!

1. Living room obstacle course

Take the couch cushions, pillows, foam blocks, etc. and place them on the ground. You can bunch them all up together, or spread them apart. You can even place them in an incline to make it harder! Next, take a straight piece of tape and put it on the floor for a balance beam ‘bridge’. This can connect two areas of the pillows or ‘islands’. Add in a few circles or spots to jump on, and you’re set! You can make it as easy or as hard as you want by increasing the unsteadiness of the pillows (fluffier=more challenging), closing eyes during parts, timing the completion, adding in tasks while completing the course (tossing balls, balancing on one foot, balancing a book on their head, etc.). My boys love to jump from island to island...but make sure you don’t fall in the lava or get eaten by alligators!

2. Marching

Yep, it’s really as simple as it sounds. March all around the house in a line. You can make it fun by pretending you’re on a sightseeing trip to the zoo, safari, farm, whatever floats your boat. My boys love to find dinosaurs around the house while we do this. You can make it more difficult by adding in stairs, obstacles to go over/around. While being a great gross motor activity, it also teaches them to stay in line and be attentive to their spatial surroundings, especially if you incorporate a scavenger hunt!

3. Tummy time

If you have a little one at home, tummy time is a great way to interact and have fun. It can work for newborns up to school-age children, because all children (and adults) can benefit from strengthening our extensor muscles in our backs and necks. Throughout our day, we are constantly performing activities that promote a forward head posture, but activating our extensor muscles can help alleviate those effects. For newborns, getting down on their level and interacting by singing, eye contact, and general facial expressions can help them enjoy the position. For older children, you can incorporate reading, puzzles, or play while in this position. As long as children are keeping their heads up and not resting on their arms or the ground, they are doing a strengthening activity without realizing!

I hope these quick ideas have given you a place to start in overcoming those cooped-up children that need to get moving!

Let me see you in action! Send me pictures, ideas, whatever of you and your household being creative!


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