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❓❓Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s development, and want to get answers/see if therapy is needed? Then PLEASE schedule a $27 developmental screening. It’s quick and painless. The screening takes place through video conferencing technology (virtually), so no worrying about making it to a clinic or being exposed to more illness. Telehealth is perfect for these screenings, and you don’t have to leave your couch!

❇What is a developmental screening?

Broad and informal look at age-appropriate skills, problems, or delays in normal childhood development. The therapist speaks to the family/caregivers to get an idea about what the child is doing at home, at school, or in the community. Parents can share concerns and issues that pertain to the child’s development. Screenings are based primarily on observation and parent report. They do NOT include standardized testing, diagnosis, and are less detailed than a full evaluation. Physical therapy screenings are only $27 for a limited time and last about fifteen minutes.

What types of things does a pediatric physical therapist screen for?

❇ A pediatric PT screens for many different aspects of development, including gross motor skills (mobility, play, movement) and muscle tone, strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, and many others.

Why should I get my child screened?

❇As many as one in four children under the age of 6 are at risk for a developmental delay or disability, and less than half of the problems are identified before the child is school-aged. This means that the issues have probably gotten worse over time, and the critical window of early intervention during the first few years has been missed. Studies have shown that children who receive early intervention and treatment for developmental disorders are more likely to graduate from high school, to hold jobs as adults, and are less likely to commit criminal acts than those who do not receive early intervention.

The purpose of a screening is to find out if there are areas of concern that need evaluation. If an evaluation is not found to be necessary, therapists will give parents and/or caregivers suggestions to work with the child to address areas of concern. Sometimes a future re-screening will be recommended..

What happens after a developmental screening?

❇After a screening, the results help the therapist and family decide how to proceed. There may be no concerns found, so re-screen if/when necessary, or there may be significant issues discovered that warrants a full evaluation and further testing. The therapist will help guide you to the next step appropriate for your child.

💗💗Please reach out so you can get peace of mind, and help your child maximize his/her potential!


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