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Embracing Potential

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Customized wellness programs tailored to maximize your child's potential

physical therapy

One-on-one consultations and assessments via telehealth


Comprehensive courses covering all things development for ages 0-5 years

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02 about me


Dr. Sierra Christensen, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist & Development Expert



- South Dakota State University 2011

  • Bachelor of Science

- University of Nebraska

Medical Center 2014

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy


Hello! My name is Dr. Sierra, as my youngest patients call me, and I am a licensed physical therapist. I focus on the pediatric population, and all their awesomeness! My areas of specialty include general lifespan/baby development, and a wide variety of neurological, genetic, and movement disorders.

I offer both wellness services and skilled physical therapy services via telehealth. If you are interested in a group/community atmosphere, there are workshops to cover relevant and vital topics for specific age ranges. If you're more of a solo learner, I understand! There are one-on-one consultations so you can get all the answers you need to your specific situation.


My goal is to support both the child and his/her family along the journey of life. I observe the needs of the child and family and provide a comprehensive approach that targets both physical and emotional development. To do this, I collaborate closely with the whole family to establish and achieve functional goals that are important to the child and the family.

In addition to being a pediatric physical therapist, I am also a mother. I have experienced the joys and the challenges that parenthood presents, and all of the worry and hope along the way. Strong support systems are vital to the overall development of children. Becoming a mother has taught me many things, but primarily the fact that most parents would do anything to ensure the well-being of their children. Each of our children are the most precious gift. Every parent has dreams for their child before they are even born. I want to help fulfill dreams that may seem impossible, especially after receiving a difficult diagnosis, condition, or delay. Small steps of progress lead to wonderful achievements! 



03 why develoPT?

The mission of develoPT is to provide awareness and access to quality pediatric physical therapy, wellness, and healthcare education services to all through telehealth in order to empower parents and communities throughout the journey of parenthood and to embrace each child’s unique potential.

04 courses & consultations


DeveloPT offers convenient live online video visits including physical therapy evaluations and treatment sessions as well as brief follow-ups or screenings.  We also offer comprehensive baby and child wellness programs.

mini-course ages 0-12 months

the develoPT baby full course 0-5 years

baby bootcamp bundle

one-on-one consultations

speaking/in-service requests

workshops/group class requests

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